Pedicure Salon in Lebanon NJ

What’s included in our pedicure service

When you receive a pedicure at LaBella Salon & Spa, you can expect a luxury experience from a professional technician who is also a nail artist.

Our process includes trimming, filing and shaping nails and the cuticles. We will smooth any ridges on the nail surface with a buffer making them all look flush.

The bottom of your feet are then scrubbed with a foot file to remove dead skin and calluses. Your feet and lower legs are massaged with a scrubbing solution to clean and remove dead skin.

The massage process includes moisturizers that help smooth and soften the skin. This step improves circulation and blood flow.

Finally your nails are painted with high-quality nail polish or gel polish if desired. When gel polish is used, it is dried quickly with our LED Gel Light System.

At the LaBella Salon & Spa, we offer both mini and full pedicures. You can get additional services such as a Spa with mask/booties, Paraffin wax treatment, callus buster or just a polish change. Call us today at (908) 236-0866 for an appointment.

When should you get a pedicure?

For most people, a pedicure is needed every 3-4 weeks. If you get regular pedicures and take good care of your feet at home, the time can be extended for a week or so. When your feet need extra care or you are experiencing nail issues, then a visit to the salon should happen within about 3 weeks. 

Some of the signs you are ready for a pedicure include:

  • Chipped nail varnish or coating
  • Cracked heels
  • Ingrown nails
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Dry and grow jagged nails/cuticles

The longer these issues remain untreated, the worse they can become, delaying the time it takes to get your feet looking and feeling great.

Are pedicures good for your feet

Regular pedicures do offer some benefits aside from having your feet look their best.

If you have any foot problems your pedicurist will be able to spot them early so you can seek proper treatment.

This may include corns, bunions, fungal infections or ingrown nails.The sooner any of these conditions are identified the easier they are to resolve.

Proper care of your toenails such as clipping, cleaning and cutting can prevent ingrown nails and infections.

The massaging you receive during a pedicure will help promote blood circulation.

Lastly, having a regular pedicure can be very relaxing and reduce stress. Knowing your feet look and feel great can give a boost to your confidence providing many mental health benefits. 

Will a pedicure hurt?

The experience of getting a pedicure should be relaxing. 

While some people may feel a tickling sensation or slight discomfort when calluses are being rubbed away, nails are shaped or during massage this is typically a matter of the experience of your technician.

An expert pedicurist who can communicate well will adjust methods to reduce any discomfort. You should expect nails to be clipped, legs to be rubbed and feet to be scrubbed, but none of this should hurt. 

One of the points of going to a Spa is so you can escape to a tranquil environment. We strive to achieve that with every client.

How to prepare for a pedicure

Start by choosing a top-notch salon such as LaBella Salon & Spa where you are certain of high quality standards, proper sanitation and experienced technicians.

Avoid shaving your legs for a few days so you are certain there are no nicks or scrapes on your skin.

There is no need to trim or paint your toenails prior to a pedicure regardless of what they look like. Leave that to the professionals.

Wear flip flops to prevent smudges or any other polish mishaps when you head out the door.

How much does a pedicure treatment cost?

The typical range for pedicure in Hunterdon County, NJ from a reputable salon will be between $35-60 depending on the services you request. 

The cost of a pedicure at an upscale spa is typically higher than at a basic nail salon as you can expect more personalized treatment, better service and soothing surroundings. Plus a spa usually employs tenured pedicurists who know how to customize their process for each client.

A few things that may impact price of a pedicure include:

  • Nail polish used
  • Gel polish
  • Paraffin wax
  • Callus treatment
  • Foot massage

Check out our prices for pedicure services.

If you are ready for the ultimate treatment for your feet, contact LaBella Salon & Spa in Lebanon, NJ for your next pedicure. Call: (908) 236-0866