Massage in Lebanon, New Jersey

When you have muscle pain, are feeling stressed or need to relieve some anxiety, it may be time for a massage in Lebanon, NJ at La Bella Salon & Spa. 

We offer a full range of massage therapy options to meet your needs from a simple chair massage or head massage to deep tissue and Swedish techniques.

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Chair Massage

A chair massage, better known as a seated massage is an agile treatment that can be done for a short while with great benefits. Often a chair massage is done over clothes and won’t require oils or creams. Your therapist can concentrate on a specific area with excess tension.

A seated massage typically takes place in a  traditional massage chair which is designed to take the weight off the spine. It often covers the head, neck, back, shoulders and arms.

The goal of a chair massage is to reduce stress, decrease anxiety & depression, relieve muscle tension & pain and relieve headaches.

One of the most commonly used massage techniques during a seated massage is compression typically performed by layering hands over a muscle and pressing down on the tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is often used to treat muscular issues such as strains, tightness and injuries. The sustained pressure of slow deep strokes focus on the connective tissues on the inner layer of muscles. It can help break up scar tissue and reduce tightness. 

During a deep tissue massage, blood flow is increased and inflammation is typically kneaded out enabling healing.

The process includes a slower longer stroke with pressure that can be applied to specific areas that need relief.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massages often considered the classic massage. 

It is used to energize the entire body and promote overall health. There are many benefits associated with a Swedish massage such as:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Ease muscle strain
  • Reduce emotional and physical stress
  • Lessen back pain

The results of a proper Swedish massage can reduce muscle tension from everyday activities. It also helps to relieve stress and pain in muscles and joints.

This type of massage uses long gentle strokes with low tension to relax tight muscles and promote blood circulation. The process can include percussion, kneading, vibrating, light tapping and rolling.

Often the focus of a Swedish massage is the neck, shoulders and back which typically hold the most tension. Use of essential oils along with gliding hand motions will help relax soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Prenatal Massage

Expectant mothers who want to relieve muscle aches, reduce anxiety and reduce the stress of carrying a child can benefit from a prenatal massage.

Other benefits associate with a prenatal massage are:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced back and joint pain
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase sleep

This specialized therapy uses delicate strokes and gentle positioning to address specific symptoms.

Head Massage

Using a gentle massage technique that focuses on stimulating the central nervous system through the head and neck, a head massage can deliver many benefits such as:

  • Ease symptoms of a headache
  • Reduce stress
  • Release tension
  • Promote relaxation

Although the cranium has relatively small muscles, they respond well to touch. As the head is so close to the brain, delivering light strokes in this area invokes an immediate positive response.

Some studies have shown a connection to other significant benefits from a head massage including:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Enables stronger hair growth
  • Possible memory improvements

Whatever your goals, be rest assured that La Bella Salon & Spa can deliver a first-rate head massage that you will want to include in your regular healthcare regime.

Let us know what issue you are having and we’ll help guide you to the right type of massage. We offer a variety of spa treatments including facials, waxing and body treatments. La Bella Salon & Spa is located nearby in Lebanon, NJ on US Highway 22 East. Book your appointment today.